Hello there, I'm Noël!

I am a wanderer in thought, creating and throughout life. I've been exploring natural history, folklore and fairytales since I was a kid.

I collected bones, leaves, sticks, feathers, acorns, stones and pretty much anything else I could find while playing outside. I loved to pick flowers and hunt for four leaf clovers. All the "good" ones got pressed into the pages of my books and then laminated between packing tape... only to return to hide away in my books as page markers. 

I also spent a lot of time drawing, whittling found sticks away with a pocket knife, building forts, indoors and out, and experimenting with cloth, thread and yarn any chance I got. I played with clay and enjoyed painting too.

Today, I still collect objects from nature as well as treasures I find in antique shops and second-hand stores. I'm a passionate maker and love to play with all kinds of mediums. I especially love to work with fibers, clay and make illustrations, but don't shy away from trying all sorts of techniques and materials. After all, I do have a wanderlusty nature about me.​​

While I love all animals, but the wolf especially resonates with me. There is so much about wolves and their history through the human lens that I find magnetizing and relatable. They are beautiful, curious and awesome creatures and I have come to see the wolf as my spirit animal.​​

I take great joy in sharing my interests, talents and love of this fantastic world around us. For years I was able to do this as a vendor at arts & crafts shows and fiber festivals as one way of fulfilling my passion. These days I'm finding I prefer a more relaxed pace and am discovering other ways to accomplish my goals. I'm enjoying studio time exploring my craft, spending time with family and friends and trying to go with the flow.

I hope to inspire others by sharing my work and point of view of the wonders that surround us.

WANDERLUST WOOLVES | 2020 © Noël Margaret